My Services

I offer individual psychotherapy to all ages, from young children (in the form of play therapy) through adults, as well as couples therapy. I also provide support for parenting.

You may find yourself in a crisis and feel down, depressed, hopeless, or anxious. Perhaps you have lost one or more people who you have loved and depended upon. With me sitting by your side, and just being present–together–you and I can help you to access your feelings and understand the life experience ‘movie’ of your history, as well as to improve your ability to cope with obstacles down the road.

I embrace any and all reasons and issues that bring a person into treatment. The broad spectrum of issues and reasons that individuals seek help include low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, learning challenges, grief, and chronic illness. Rather than pigeonhole or isolate problems and focus on diagnoses, I focus on the whole person’s subjective experience and find ways to nurture emotional growth.